Community Bonding: KDE Edu, LabPlot

It’s time for Community Bonding period within GSoC. As I promised in my last blog, I would like to introduce my readers to my current project. So, let’s begin with a short introduction 😉

Introduction about my GSoC project: LabPlot Theme Manager
LabPlot is a well known open source application mainly used for analyzing and visualizing scientific data. It provides an interactive graphical interface which allows the user to play around with a number of possibilities to plot their data. LabPlot also makes it easy for the user to manage and make changes to their plots. Also, user gets the flexibility to either write data into a spreadsheet or import it from external sources. Some of the existing features in LabPlot are to export plots, stack plots in a single view, color plots, label and adjust axis.

Project Goals & Importance
The main goal of this project is to develop a theme manager for LabPlot. In LabPlot, there already exists functionality to create and modify plots. Therefore, now I want to develop a Theme Manager with a group of different themes which can provide flexibility to the users to start, modify or save the plots according to the appearance of their preference. Moreover, the users save a lot of time if they already are provided with nice ­looking themes suiting their taste. Further features of the LabPlot Theme Manager will be as follows:

  • A new button for ‘Themes’ will be added at the bottom of the dock widget. When clicked,a theme panel will show up/expand in which the users will see previews of the themes applied to their current plot. The theme panel will enable quick selection of themes.
  • The Theme Manager will have a group of nice looking themes to choose from like ‘emerald green on white’, ‘Amber color on grey’ etc. Each theme will have a color palette from which the colors will be assigned to the curves and areas of the plots.
  • After a user applies an initial theme to the plot, he/she will still be able to modify and choose a different theme at any point of time. Also, the user can save the modified theme as new, which will then be added to the existing database of themes.
  •  When a user selects a theme, all the properties of this theme will be loaded and applied to the current hierarchy of plots.

So, I hope that I have explained my goals to the KDE community and the readers. I spent some time preparing myself to understand the tools used in the community, however, the actual coding period will start from May 23, 2016. I would like to list down the things that I have done so far during community bonding period:

  • Subscribed to the KDE IRC channels kde-dev
  • Created an account on KDE Identity
  • Got my KDE Developer access
  • Created a blog to interact with the community
  • Created an account on GitHub
  • Looked into the existing code of LabPlot on GitHub repository
  • Forked the project
  • Cloned the current project in my local machine
  • Compiled and built Labplot instance locally on my machine
  • Created a document to keep a track of my project status
  • Learned to push changes to git after development phase
  • Spent some time on literature study as well
  • Looked into the features of existing theme managers out there (as an example : highcharts )
  • Looked into small tasks on Phabricator (currently)

Now, I am fully dedicated to this project during summer. So far, it is going really well in the community bonding period, it has been a great experience communicating with my mentor Alexander and learning about the resources used within the KDE community for development.

Now warming up myself for the upcoming coding tasks! I will update you about the progress in my upcoming blog.

Thanks for reading folks! 🙂


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