GSoC 2016 dream

As everyone wants to work with the best, undoubtedly, Google Summer of Code is my choice to take a big step in my career. Like any other student, I had  the same dream after I got to know from my friends in the university about this amazing opportunity for students. From being a problem solver to a coder landed me in the area of computer science. I personally believe that the field is enormously growing and getting better day by day.

I want to summarize a little bit for those who have no idea about GSoC. So, it stands for Google Summer of Code (GSoC ) which takes place every summer and encourages students to spend summer break doing coding on open source projects and learn about the project of the respective organizations.

My choice for GSoC is working with an amazing organization KDE which is a free software community and has produced quite famous products like KDE plasma, KDE framework and many more.The KDE community is really strong and well connected, and uses different communication channels to keep in touch.

I am selected as a GSoC 2016 student this year (Wohoo! finally a gsocer 😀 ) and I am very excited to work with the KDE community. As this is the community bonding period of GSoC, I am getting myself familiar with the tools and current status of my project KDE Edu, LabPlot- Project: Theme manager for plots. I would like to thank my mentor Alexander Semke who has been a great support and has helped me out to get started with the project. I would also like to appreciate and thank the KDE community which is really active and help me resolve all kinds of issues. I will discuss about the project and its scope in my upcoming blogs.

Thanks !



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